Welcom to Mahadir Suhar

In 15 years time Mahadir Suhar has succeeded to become a key national supplier for pharmacies, feed mills, integrators, clinics and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries by providing them with premium class veterinary medicines, feed additives, disinfectants and pesticides.

Mahadir Suhar Company is renowned for offering high quality products from premium companies in Europe and the Middle-East. The quality adheres to the highest regulatory standards like GMP, GMP+ and ISO standards for pharmaceuticals, feed additives, disinfectants and pesticides.

Recently Mahadir Suhar Company has established a technical consultancy office with the mission to provide technical services to all domestic and international clients.

Mahadir Medical Services

Mahadir Suhar for Trade and Contract Company was founded in 2006 in Suhar, Sultanate of Oman by a young and ambitious business man with a mission to build a company that contributes to the growth of the national economy.

Since its inception Mahadhir Suhar has been establishing veterinary pharmacies throughout Oman and has been building lasting successful relationships in the private and public sector alike.

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Take Your farms To The Next Level

In order to be able to ensure the safety of plants and animals on your farm, you must provide them with complete health care throughout the year, so we recommend that you cooperate with us in order to get the best possible service in the Sultanate of Oman.